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Benefits of Using HipoFiles to Send Files

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Upload any file up to 5GB without any restrictions or registration requirements. Sign up for free to keep track of your uploaded files or other advanced features.

Fast Upload

Fast Upload

With the high speed hipofiles.com servers, file upload will never be the same again.

Share Anywhere

Share Anywhere

It is really easy to share your files. After you complete an upload, a download link will be generated. You can share this link with anyone and when they visit this link they will see a download button and get your files easily.

Multiple Uploads

Multiple Uploads

In the free version, you can upload 30 files at once. You can purchase a subscription to increase the limits.

File Manager

File Manager

With the file manager, you can edit, delete or archive the files you have uploaded in special folders.

File Encryption

File Encryption

Password-protect your uploaded files to keep your files secure. With access control, you will be sure that only the people you want can download your files.


If the free 20 GB storage space is not enough for you, you can choose the most suitable additional package for your needs from our additional packages.


20 GB depolama alanını ücretsiz olarak kullanmak için kayıt olman yeterli!

20.00 GB Storage space
5.00 GB Size per file
Files available for 120 days
Upload 30 files at once
Password protected files


Gümüş paket ile 50 GB depolama alanını reklamsız olarak kullanabilirsiniz.

50.00 GB Storage space
10.00 GB Size per file
Files available for 240 days
Upload 50 files at once
No advertisements
Password protected files
No plans available
No plans available

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