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Uploaders are responsible for all content uploaded to the HipoFiles.com site. It is forbidden to upload content contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey to our site. The uploaded content must be in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, do not attack personal rights and should not violate copyright.

Users are responsible for material/moral damages that may occur due to content uploaded to HipoFiles.com site,
The user agrees that he will not upload files that are copyrighted by another person/institution,
Torrent files, game/program cracks or content that provides them, copyrighted music, video or image files, files containing erotic/pornographic content, content that promotes violence/humiliation, drugs or similar substances Content that encourages and offensive content will be deleted without notifying the content owner, upon complaint or general controls,
Users are responsible for all content downloaded or uploaded from HipoFiles.com. HipoFiles.com and its management do not upload or share any files to the site,
The files in HipoFiles.com have not been scanned for viruses, you must definitely go through a virus scan before using the files you downloaded, otherwise HipoFiles.com cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.
Content that you upload to HipoFiles.com can be deleted by HipoFiles.com management without giving any reason, in such cases the user cannot claim any rights.
IP records of users using HipoFiles.com site are kept for security purposes. In case of a legal request, it can be shared with the official institutions of the Republic of Turkey,
You can report your notifications about illegal situations such as violating the laws of the Republic of Turkey, violating the privacy of private life, violating our terms of use, etc., from the reporting section on the download page or via the contact page.

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